Business Improvement

Step 1. Improve systems and processes
Step 2. Enjoy your life again

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Fix that daily grind

Business efficiency – it’s hard to know when you don’t have it but when you do, you’re not sure how you coped without it.

Systems and processes are the heart of business efficiency. When you’re working ‘in’ your business, it’s hard to spot opportunities to become more efficient let alone find the time to actually implement change.

That’s where MOJO Online come in.

When to get help with business improvement

If you’re experiencing any of these, it might be a good time to talk to MOJO Online about business improvement…

• When you’re looking to scale your business.

• If you’re feeling burnt out or like you’re spinning your wheels.

• Looking to sell your business in the near future.

• Upcoming change in management or succession in a family business.

Our Approach

Effective process improvement isn’t just about the latest whizz-bang apps or technology.   It’s not efficiency for the sake of it either. 

When we approach process improvement we consider:

Quick progressive wins – One change at a time.

Look for the low hanging fruit, pick off a few quick easy wins and progressively roll out improvements.

People first. Process second.

Managing change in any business is about people first and foremost.

If we can’t fix it, we’ll manage the fixing.

We know our limits. If there’s a process outside the scope of our expertise, we’ll call it. We’ll also help you find the right person to fix it.

A business with poor processes looks and feels like…

There’s never enough hours in the day

Low technology adoption and too much paperwork

Limited or no documentation for key business processes

All the key knowledge is held in one person’s head.

It’s hard to hire and onboard new staff.

Opportunities for sales and marketing are missed.

= Business Owner Burnout

Get on top on your business processes and get back to enjoying being in business.