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Business Strategy

Every business, large or small needs and probably has a strategy.  Maybe you’ve recorded your plans and objectives, or you might be discovering your path as you go. 

A fresh set of ‘strategic’ eyes can help over-caffeinated and over-worked business owners gain fresh insight into your business and your opportunities.

MOJO Online partners with a limited number of not-for-profits and business owners to develop, monitor and review their strategic plans. If you’d like to explore partnering with MOJO Online, please get in touch.

Strategic Planning Cycle

Straight up…MOJO Online don’t offer strategic planning on an ‘hourly rate’ basis.  Why? Because we can’t deliver value in an hour, or even two.

A business strategy isn’t a fancy document that sits on your server or bookshelf.  The true value of strategic planning comes from actively engaging in continuous improvement cycles.  Strategic planning should be dynamic and systematic. 

Plan, do, learn, adjust…. Repeat.  

A good strategic plan process is simple, yet thorough.  It should be long-term focused and based on an informed analysis of your business, your competitors, the business environment and your capabilities.


How It Works

Generally, this is what a 12 month strategic planning program looks like for *most* not-for-profit, professional services and small-to-medium enterprises.
Start Here (Month 1)

2-2.5 Days

Full strategic review (1 day)

Vision, objectives and planning workshop – (2 half days)

Strategic planning documentation

KPI Dashboard

Review (Monthly)

0.5 Day

Per Month

Monthly KPI tracking

Monthly strategy meeting

Support when you need it

PLUS: Access MOJO Online’s Blueprint resources

Refine (Month 12)

1 Full Day

Review KPI tracking

Strategy planning workshop (half day)

Refine strategic planning documentation

Strategy Cred

Why choose MOJO Online as your strategic partner?

We’ve been there

Our strategy lead has started, grown, and exited two successful businesses. Experienced the ups and downs of business ownership firsthand.

We’ve done stuff

We’ve worked in strategic, marketing, and consulting roles in corporate (big Australian brands), private equity, and venture capital.

Got the bits of paper too

With a postgraduate Masters in Business, plus a major in Mathematics, MOJO’s strategic consulting is based on a solid academic understanding of methodology and quality frameworks.